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To facilitate trade between USMCA partners by providing technology solutions that enable secure and efficient international trade.




Become the partner of choice for organizations who want to optimize the security and flow of international trade.



SecureOrigins was founded to fulfill a vision of using software technology to significantly improve the security and speed at which shipments can cross between Mexico and the United States. Our newly elected Board of directors and the entire SecureOrigins team bring with them a strong commitment to fulfill this vision. SecureOrigins brings together geospatial, supply chain and intelligent software experts to achieve our aim.

Desert Cactus Landscape


The founders made a defining choice to locate SecureOrigins’ headquarters in El Paso, Texas. This unique region offers a centric model for North American and Global Trade. El Paso is located at the center of the Border and it marks the crossroads of 2 nations and 3 states: Texas, New Mexico, and Chihuahua, Mexico. As the largest contiguous border community in the world, this international urban laboratory presents unique opportunities for solutions that address the realities of disparate borders throughout the world.

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