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Trusted Corridor:

The integrated Trusted Corridor platform provides a dock-to-dock security blanket that extends from the point of origin of the goods on the Mexican side of the Border to the Border Crossing and onto the destination on the U.S. side; and vice versa. The trucks are under video surveillance during loading, the trailer is locked with activated sensors to become a secure vault, and then continuously electronically monitored en route from the dock to the Border Crossing. Any anomalies such as suspect or conflicting data, unusual handling activities, presence of unauthorized personnel, route deviations, unexpected sensor readings, weight discrepancies, or excessive travel times, are automatically captured and analyzed. Before the truck even reaches the checkpoint at the Border, CBP officers already have an enhanced risk assessment of the shipment. 


The Trusted Corridor turnkey platform:

Moves the security process to the source of the shipment.

Provides physical protection for the in-transit shipment and transportation infrastructure; -             through loading and sealing standards, verifiable GPS, RFID and sensor tracking, and                 continuous in-transit visibility.

Streamlines point of entry processing through pre-clearance; - with express lanes,                         indemnification options, and similar shipper incentives.

Implements shipment profiling; - through data capture, continuous in-transit monitoring using       sensors, and analysis with intelligent information technology.

Automatically selects high risk shipments for the appropriate level of physical inspection.

Each trailer is treated as a secure vault after it has been loaded, sealed and sensors have been activated. This ensures that the goods in the trailer are as secure as air cargo after the aircraft has taken off.  

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Trusted Corridor:  


The Trusted Corridor software utilizes recent advances in AI and machine learning capabilities that were not available even five years ago, to profile the shipment based on comprehensive context information and the data collected during staging, loading and transit. Operating in a Cloud computing environment and based on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles for maximum flexibility, Trusted Corridor is designed to readily scale as user demand grows, facilitate customization and functional extensions, and easily adapt to continuing advances in sensors and information technology.

The Trusted Corridor software suite incorporates an infrastructure of foundational services (e.g., data import, data export, security) that are reusable.  Multiple functional modules that are plugged into this infrastructure with industry standard interfaces are able to utilize these reusable services in a concurrent manner.  The modules themselves are also referred to as services and are designed to be as independent as possible from each other. In this way, the replacement of one functional module with another or the addition of a new functional module can be accomplished without any change to the SOA-based infrastructure.

Trusted Corridor™ Trademark Pending, 2022

GPS Rental



SecureOrigins’ Geospatial platform is robust and multi-layered, specifically designed as a shared GIS platform to allow all interactive applications to use a suite of complementary solutions (such as GPS, RFID, webcams and special sensors). Our integrated platform is the foundation for applying the full power and benefits of AI to all SecureOrigins solutions.

SecureOrigins’ Geospatial platform is preloaded with the best set of GIS information layers and maps (i.e., satellite, aerial and digital). Objectified map and information layers enhance instant interactive use (such as plant locations, authorized routes, checkpoints, warehouses, distribution centers, service regions, supplier networks, prevailing landmarks, and supply-chain milestones) for visibility to final destination.

With its GPS tracking and surveillance capabilities the Geospatial platform can provide accurate position-measuring telemetry and real-time tracking of trucks and trailers 24/7/365. GPS gives SecureOrigins’ intelligent software solutions real-time information to use in covering thousands of conveyances along authorized networks of end-to-end supply chains.

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